Blake Walters

Hi. I'm Blake!

I'm a senior product engineering leader. My leadership approach is one that's customer-first from start to finish and aimed at guiding teams, leaders, and engineers along a path to be able to solve our customers' toughest challenges with autonomy and velocity.

Today, I'm a Senior Director of Engineering for the CI/CD Engine Division at CircleCI, working remotely out of my home in Longmont, CO. I'm proud to lead a division of talented engineering teams that are responsible for a critical piece of thousands of businesses development workflows around the world. Outside of work, I'm a husband and a dad, a devoted Formula 1 fan, and a lifelong gamer.


Senior Director, Engineering, CircleCI

Director, Engineering, CircleCI

Senior Engineering Manager, CircleCI

In my time at CircleCI, I've served as a senior engineering manager, director, and senior director of engineering, focusing primarily on guiding our startup through a period of hyper-growth toward IPO. Responsibilities and accomplishments included:

Today, I oversee eight engineering teams within CircleCI's R&D department, totaling around 60 personnel including engineering managers, individual contributors, and technical leaders.

Software Engineering Manager, InVisionApp

Engineering manager for a team of full-stack engineers delivering collaboration and conversation tools across the InVisionApp suite of products. Responsible for technical and product leadership, mentorship, hiring, agile development practices, and cross-team collaboration.

Software Engineer, HashiCorp

HashiCorp employee #11. Lead front-end engineer across HashiCorp's suite of products - Terraform Enterprise, Vault Enterprise, Nomad, and Consul. Primarily responsible for driving the design and implementation of applications built by the front-end development team and used to support Hashicorp's products for both enterprise and open-source customers.

Additional Experience


University of Missouri - Columbia

Received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a focus in web application development.


Product engineering and product management, growth engineering, data engineering, agile development practices, microservices, cloud infrastructure automation, continuous integration and deployment, production readiness and operations, team building, mentorship, performance reviews, setting and tracking business and product goals, cross-team and stakeholder collaboration, hiring, interviewing, and onboarding.

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